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Tiffany Haddish

"You are hilarious and your titties look nice!
sam comroe.png

Samuel J Comroe

"You are very funny."

The Stranger-publication

"If you'd told me that two of the funniest and filthiest acts at Upper Left would be by white, middle-aged ladies, I'd have eaten your AARP card. But the set by Cheri Hardman, a disabled woman in her 60s, could've made Richard Pryor blush. She's one of the few comics who could pull off being both self-deprecating and self-aggrandizing, with the ease of flicking a switch. Her pun game was on point, too. And ending the set with a cascade of jokes about her vagina took massive balls."


Jackie Kashian

"She's hilarious."

tony roberts.jpg

Tony Roberts

"You're hilarious. You're such a whore. Don't ever change."

nate and i.jpg

Nate Jackson

"Cheri is a star"

luenell and me.jpg


"Keep the sexy, I like that."

jamie kennendy croppede.jpg

Jamie Kennedy

"I like that jack o'lantern joke, it's really funny."

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