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Updated: Feb 2, 2022

This is so exciting!

I am so crazy excited for this show

This is my first time producing a comedy show in an actual comedy club. I want to do well, have it well attended and be a success. I know the comedians are funny, so I already know that much will happen. I am so thrilled to have more live comedy in Tacoma!

Here's how you can help

These are things you can do to help this be a success:

  • Buy tickets either here or on Eventbrite

  • Tell your family and friends

  • Share my posts, links and social media

Comedians from this show include Greg Beachler, Alyssa Yeoman, Andy Vargo, Mary Lou Gamba and of course me, Cheri Hardman

So excited for this, please come. I want to impress Nate Jackson and be able to continue to produce hilarious shows at Super Funny Comedy Club

Get your tickets:

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